Apprenticeship Application

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: (and documentable proof of the following):
  • Minimum of 17 years of age
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship
  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • $10 Application Fee, due at the end of the online application process
  • One year of high school algebra
  • Successful completion of aptitude test
  • Valid driver's license
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume

NAME CHANGE: Please provide the name that will appear on documents or transcripts that you submit, if it is different than your present name.

I believe I can meet all minimum qualifications for apprenticeship
I can produce undisputable documentation to verify that I have at least 4,000 hours of electrical construction work experience
I am currently performing electrical construction work for an electrical contractor who became signatory to a union contract
I am among the 50%, or more, who signed authorization cards while working for an electrical contractor during an organized effort
I am attempting to qualify for, and participate in the School-Registered-Apprenticeship Program
I am attempting to transfer into this program from another IBEW/NECA registered apprenticeship program for the same trade


Yes No
Yes No
List College Degree(s) earned
Second Highest Degree earned
Yes No
NJATC Tech Math
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Yes No


Yes No

Army Navy
Air Force Marines
Coast Guard Military Reserve

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